5" Bass BRat - Wide Walker designed for CA Delta Striper and Trophy LM

Ten Reasons why I love my new Bass BRat!

1. Hand shaped from solid Poplar for accurate density and a WIDE walk!

2. Advanced internal weight transfer system allows for great casting!

3. Saltwater grade stainless steel big-game hooks, eyelets and split rings!

4. Balsa chest inlay for easy walking and gliding even in the waves!

5. LOUD internal two-tone rattle makes a monster ruckus!

6. Beautiful high gloss epoxy clear coat shines after years of abuse!

7. UV Reflective whiskers trick the smartest bass into a BIG rat meal!

8. Hand painted 3D iridescent eyes make the rat come alive!

9. Premium Wapsi Marabou absorbs scent and stays in motion even when the lure is still!

10. Highly reflective pearlescent belly draws fish up from the darkest depths!

Video of BRat in Action! http://youtu.be/q7kZPA-rUgc

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