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Here is ‘Nimble’. Decided to build smaller lure. The description is following: sinking lure; sinking rate 0.25 m/s; weight w hooks 81 gr. Action – quick reaction to gentle road twitch; reaction – small glide w dominated turn around axis.

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    Braided Line
    Oct 18 2012 05:46 AM
    Nice fade in on your paint job. Plus, those big red eyes top it off.
    Add some red hooks and it`s good to go.
    Thank you for red hooks idea. Frankly, I haven't thought about it. Definitely, I will arm this lure with red hooks :)
    very nice paint job. what do you use for the sparkles?
    Glitter glue is used to create this surface
    Is the glitter glue brushed on the surface before the clear coat?
    The steps are following: two layers of epoxy to protect a wood; covered in white to create background for the following layer; brushed glitter glue; covered by epoxy layer to even the surface; airbrushing; two layers of epoxy as clear coat.
    Where do you buy your glitter glue? And is it one color or multiple colors?
    This glue is obtained from the shop called TIIMARI, originally from Finland, but in my country is tender. On this lure, is used only one glue colour but i believe TIIMARI has line of these glue. Here is example pic to understand how glue looks (on pic, the original TIIMARI glue)