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Real skin perch

Real skin perch

Just to sneak inside perch school and pretend to be a real fish, the real skin has been chosen for dressing. Size of glider is 17 cm, weight with hooks Owner 2/0 – 119 grams, sinking rate not yet measured but I hope should be around 0.3 m/s. And as always, signed by the Silver Hook, or maybe fossil …

    Your lures, are works of art. You are a true craftsman.
    very nicely done ;)
    What is real skin exactly?
    Big Bass Man
    Oct 20 2012 06:53 AM
    Awesome work!!
    Real skin is real skin 'borrowed' (removed from a fish) from a perch. You can obtain very nice source of information about how to attach real skin watching SolarFall YouTube channel or his blog.

    very nicely done ;)

    Thank you, Mikko ;)
    Эдгарас работа просто супер