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IMG 0609

IMG 0609

A few small flat sided, coffin billed, baits based loosely on the Tennessee Tuffy. Paulownia wood, .40 oz without trebles, epoxy undercoat, acrylic paint, MCU topcoat. I fish the "generic shad" patterned baits on the bottom in a local clear water lake so don't want them to have a lot of color contrast.

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    They look good Bob. "Subtle" paint schemes are often the way to go. Especially on lakes that get a lot of fishing pressure. Nice work.
    Oct 23 2012 02:34 PM
    Look Great ! That is some bright neon. Appears to glow.
    Very nice baits Bob, they have a real quality look to them.

    Big Bass Man
    Oct 23 2012 04:54 PM
    Very nice work Bob!!
    Sweet baits. Very nice.
    Nice Buddy