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Had some fun with this one. The body is cedar, the tail is paracord epoxied 3/4" into the body (paracord is the stuff they use for parachute shroud lines - this tail ain't gonna break or pull out!), and the lure is ballasted with a single 9mm bullet. Actually it may have been a .357 mag, but I don't remember for sure which I used.

Thanks for looking!

    They all look great Fishwhittler. I have one question though. How far back were you standing when you "installed" the bullet ballast?
    Oct 31 2012 11:43 PM
    I've found the optimum distance to be 453.361 yards exactly. That's if you're using subsonic ammo; you have to stand further back if you want to use a full-power load.

    This bait doesn't walk quite as well as I hoped. I think it would do better with a longer and shallower body, but I'm probably going to let this bait style be for now. The bass around here don't dig big baits even though I do, so I tend to focus on smaller lures. Although I am working on a 3oz+ swimbait at the moment. ;)

    Tight lines

    LOL - I don't care if it works well or not.  The bait is awesome looking and and has a cool factor X 9...  ok, that was corny, but still a very cool bait.