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Couple of home made swimbaits

Couple of home made swimbaits

finally had enough time to finish couple of swimbaits that i have been working on, everything about these baits was a huge challenge for me, witch is nice, i do love a good challenge :D
you can check out how they swim from here

    Nice job as usual. I have made a few swimbaits from resin with a similar hinge as well. With the pin so close to the edge, and so little material, I had doubts about the overall strength and ability to hold together under the forces of a twisting Pike or Musky. Do you have some kind of reinforcement like stainless loops or complete wire through? Nice carving, sweet swimming action and as always, beautiful paint work.

    that is still something i have to test still ,i could always add reinforcement stainless steel rings inside the joints to add more strength to the joints if it seems that i need it, but so far it seems that i cant brake the joints when i'm twisting them with all the strength i have, i use smooth cast resin and it seems to be very tough stuff .
    Big Bass Man
    Nov 05 2012 06:53 AM
    Very nice work Mikko!!
    You do build and paint some really nice looking lures Mikko.
    Very nice work...thanks for sharing!

    here is the real Milwaukee Show  winners !congrats and shame on you ''professional''  judges