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Best Pike This Season

pike homemade crankbait

Best Pike This Season

Here is my best pike of this season(in fact for a few years now) , .....not the "magic meter" though , but 94 cms(scratching 38") .

Was a bit dramatic to boat it , as the first attempt to put it in the net had failed , ....I was only lucky , that both hooks of my proven homemade crankbait had nailed that fish quite firmly .

The successful bait is one of my earlier ones , ....maybe around 12 to 15 years old !

Thanks for your interest , ....cheers , Dieter

    Way to go Dieter. Bet you had fun with that one. Congratulations on the nice pike.

    Just one bit of advice. The fish come down out of the trees when the sun comes up so there's no need to be looking in the branches for them. :-)

    Thanks a lot , Ben , ......., but I'm looking just for fish out of metal and plastic in the trees , LOL , ........the odds of lost and found are still to my favour this season so far .

    Tight lines , Dieter