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Big Pancho
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Hello gang having fun with the clay again. I got an idea to make a soft plastic mermaid lure. So I grabbed some clay and resin and got to work. Here is what came out. It will be pretty cool to see if I can get a fish to eat her. In due time she will come to life. Have a great day.


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I use to be sane but burning plastic for the past 3 years has done something to make me insane. I think my wife is going to buy me one of those funny jackets that buttons from the back if I continue making lures. I have not yet made the silicone mold on this girl. Got a call from a good friend who was explaining to me that the v notch in the tail of this lure will not work correctly. I don't really want to waste silicone so what do you guys think do you thing she will swim with the tail she has? I can always fill in the boot tail and I know she will swim with a full tail. Any who you guys have a great day.


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