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Shimano Citica 201E Blue Metallic/Black

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Somehow this one got missed the first time, so here it is again.

This is a super-tuned Shimano Citica 201E with carbontex drag washers, Ceramic Lightning spool bearings, an extra bearing under the crankshaft, and I polished everything I could get my dremel tool on inside the reel. Then I painted it to match my Team Daiwa T rod, and the combo turned out real slick.

Painted with Createx paints and Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear spray enamel. That stuff sure takes a long time to cure - this one's been curing for something over two weeks and still has a little ways to go. Durability seems pretty good, and at least it's not super-toxic like automotive topcoats.

Now I'm waiting on a couple Academy H2O Xpress Mettle reels to arrive so I can do it again.



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