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Recent Paint

Recent Paint

Floating Trap that I modified and made suspending... (I Hope) LOL
Tight Lines all, and Happy Safe Holidays! bb

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    Brad you paint some damn nice bream. Great work on the photo baits as well. When you gonna come over here and teach me to paint?

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    Ben, get in line.

    I am in line. Just happen to be at the front of it. lol
    Braided Line
    Dec 06 2012 01:33 PM
    It has a natural look. Well done.
    Ben, on the way back from Falcon take a little detour and stop on by... Wait... I meant, On your way TO Falcon, stop by and pick me up... we'll talk paint patterns versus lure design... Deal?

    Stan, Ur always welcome to drop by, just remember to bring the mudbugs, hard to find good boiled ones down here...

    Thanks BL I hope it gits bit!