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Thanks guys! To tell you the truth, it started off with laziness! The design was created through a series of sanding steps with my belt sander and I simply didn't round off the edges. I don't know what sparked the flat head, I think Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam were the culprits. I started liking the look and over the past year I just emphasized some of the angles but kept the hefty belly look. This lure has a very wide wobble in comparison to square bills and dives about an extra foot deeper, but that may be more material influenced than design. I'm not sure if the angles do much for the action, I just like the look and it catches me fish. I'm hoping to try one out with the rattle/hunter method that Mark Paulson expressed too.

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I really like that shape. It says shad to me.

And that's a great paint scheme and paint job!

I stole that rattle idea from Strike King, so share the credit, and the blame if it doesn't work for you!

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Haha... I've already been looking in bead shops and clacking different material together to try and find that "perfect" bass hypnotizing sound.

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