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Newly steamed pike. I hope this lure gives gladness for the lure owner. Short description - 20 cm, 130 gr and 0.3 m/s

    Your building some really nice lures Dziadzia. You have some great carving skills.

    i second what Ben says. I am surprised that the silver or white belly shows up that purplish color in the water. I like that. What do yuo use to accomplish that.


    Thank you for support. The purplish colour and other glowing colours had been obtained from http://www.uvgear.co.uk/index.htm


    So, UV paints were used to cover tangerine parts and belly. Using UV paints you can reach nice effects. food for thought... for instance, firstly to cover a surface by UV paint and secondly to paint by regular paint details on UV layer, so as result you will have really nice pattern glowing in the dark... more or less the same as Halloween party :)

    That is a beautiful bait...love your work!

    Dziadzia, thanks for your response to my question. I just saw your latest a few minutes ago. Incredible!