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These are not pretty.  They do not look like they were made on some high end machine and were designed perfectly and completely symmetrical. 

Basically they look how I would expect FISH to look... not toys, or lures made to catch anglers.  I think you just hit a home run with these and your gizzard shad.  I don't know if you intend to sell, or if these are just for personal and friends use; but these look great.  VERY NICE JOB!

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Thanks for the kind words bud!! Theses were all namebrand re-paints. I caught a shad last year that had a little blue tint to it and thought it would make a nice looking bait. Snapped a few pics of it to use as a photo finish. These were painted for someone and then returned to the owner after complete.


 I have to give Thanks to my friend Husky (Mike) for sharing his tutorial. His wisdom and knowledge led to these!!

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Thanks Mike!!


 Wouldn't have known where to start, had you not shared your tutorial with us!! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge along the way friend!!



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