PVC/Lexan Compound Lures

Hi , folks ,

Some more I got done with these days , also painted with acrylic paints . Made the blanks back in summer , they have a lexan core accommodating shifting leadballs and a surrounding PVC body for buoancy .

Sadly some do not function too well , guess that I'm not doing these anymore due to the higher working effort , .....my simple lathe-turned timber "WeightShifters" work a lot better in terms of improved casting performance and are easier and faster to work down .

Nevertheless it was great fun making these compound lures , ....you my check my YouTube channel for a video displaying their internals , put out in summer 2012 .

Greetz , diemai

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Nice work Dieter!! I can see the difference in the acrylic and enamel modeling paints you usually use. Same great Dieter style just different. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot , Vic , ......i must admit , that I got to like using the acrylics more than the enamels nowadays , but still have to learn a bit more about pinting technics , I guess .


                  Greetz , Dieter

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