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Inspired by Aussie Lures

Inspired by Aussie Lures

Hi , folks ,

Another bunch done , ...inspired by Australian style lures , partly carved from American timber !

Made another bath tub test this morning , .....pretty much satisfied with the outcome , especially about these ones with the relatively large and steep-angled lips still having their line tie at the nose tip , ..wasn't too shure , that these would not just turn over and blow out .

Thanks for your interest , ..............cheers , diemai

    Looks good Dieter. I'm jealous of you guys that paint with a brush. It amazes me at how you can make a paint job do different things just by the way you apply the paint. True art work.

    Thanks a lot , Ben , ....these acrylic paints really offer more options compared to my previously used modelmaking enamels , ...but I still have to learn a lot , at least get some more experience and practice . Cheers , Dieter