Resampled952013 01 179519 18 2295279 (800x450)

This is custom Mirrolure 17MR in a "nemo" type pattern. This lure comes in the broken glass foil that you see, I just masked off those areas hit it with some white, tranparent orange and yellow createx. had a few issues with masking the lure off but this is mine and it doesn't bother me. Should look okay when I get some etex on it. Thanks for the video Solar!!!

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The red eye on these lure is factory and they stick out about a 1/4"-3/8". They're next to impossible to remove and just as bad to try and mask off. Been carefully scraping the paint off with a wet tooth pick. Any ideas on a better method?....Thanks............Joe

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Yeah my buddy told me a few minutes ago "I need some more free samples, I'll even use that Corn Snake looking thing you just painted"'s different for's amazing all the tips and tricks you can learn from this place if you pay attention;) Thanks..........Joe

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