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20130117 205838

20130117 205838

Another Rapala Twitching Rap that I like to to call "The Green Hornet". Gave some to my friends to try out and they smoked the Speckled Trout with these. Got a bunch more about ready to go out since I have so much time on my hands....Been stuck at home recovering from emergency Gallbladder surgery since the day after Christmas. About killed me but good doctors and a great wife got me rolling again!!!!! Hope ya'll keep your lines tight!!!.................Joe

    They all look good Joe. Get well soon.

    Jan 19 2013 12:49 AM
    Thanks. Doing much better now. Thinking about wetting a line tomorrow in hopes of a few specks for dinner. May even try some of my new paint jobs out if I can keep my buddies outta my tackle box!!! Doesn't really matter if I catch em it'll just be good to be on the water again after all that has happened lately.............Joe