balsa walker construct

Rattling basla topwater, 4 3/4in. 3/8 dia brass sleeves and end caps shown here. Poplar dowels for screws eye construction. Super glue sealer. Epoxy filler over end caps.


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I use either 5 or 20 minute epoxy. I fish for seat trout, largemouth,reds and stripers, so the screw eyes have never been an issue. Using the screw eyes makes a lighter overall lure, with the freedom to install rattle chambers or any other crazy idea I have about ballast.

I learned about the dowels rite here. Same with the super glue sealer (Love that tip!).

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Thanks for info , ......I don't work much with balsa ! If I want buoyancy , I'd go for PVC hardfoam and thru-wired eyes .


Nice lure undeed , ...cheers, diemai

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Nice job on the balsa's. I'll take 2 please!!l lol. When will the bite on top start back up on the ER? Im sure those will do the job on the specks just fine..............Joe

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Thanx Joe. Ive been workin on these for about two years, tweaking them for specks only. Once the temps hit 60, its on. I dont stop till November. I'll thow it before any other when I get to a new spot. Kaboosh!

Email me, and I will part with some.

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