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Here is what I did this weekend. A copy of a regular bulldawg. I have made a one piece bottom pour double tailed version in the past.This will hopefully be a two piece mold I would like to make it so I can open the mold pour the tail section then close the mold and finish the body either way I am happy with the way the master turned out I made it out of sculpey then sprayed it with a rustoleum primer and filler in one to fill in the scratches from the sand paper and some minor imperfections.The spray filler worked really good.


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Very nice looking bait. Try shooting a coat of paint on the master and sanding it down with 400 grit wet dry sandpaper. Get the carving as smooth as you can. The smooth the surface the glossier the baits will come out of the silicone mold. Here is another suggestion on the two piece mold cast it with the tail up. Apply the pour spout on the tail section and also an additional vent hole in the mold to let the mold breath. The vent hole will also eliminate the dimple that will form in the mold from it not being vented. Just some food for taught. I ain't no pro at this but learn from my mistakes. I hope this helps you with the mold preparations.  Pour on pour on. 



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Thanks bp I started out doing the two part molds but ended up changing my mind half easy through pouring the silicone so I ended up with a hinge mold but it works even better than the two part probably would have and it pours without dents the bottom sucks I'm a little when the plastisol cools but that's how they look when you buy them I can't wait to try a different plastic as the spike It sucks I'm the microwave

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