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Legless lizard fluke in da works.

Legless lizard fluke in da works.

Hello gang I had a little time the other night to play around with some clay and formed up this creature looking thing. I was going to add some legs but decided to leave him alone to see how this darts in the water. A couple other plans came to mind with the body of this new carving. and one will be to give him a little boot tail so he can get his groove in da water. also some craws came to mind. We will see how he comes out here in the near future. Pour on brothers. Till next time.


    I like the look.

    I did a "legless" lizard some years ago. Looks differant than yours.(tail was taller and thinner;body was flater and wider). Caught a lot of fish on it. The best result was pouring it with a heavy salt/softner mix.


    Yours should work well too.

    Thank Nova for the nice compliment on the bait. Still enjoying this awesome hobby but wished I really had the time to devote to them. My wife is dealing with some major medical issues and this hobby is a great medicine for me to kinda take my mind off of all the negative crap in life. I haven't been able to fish in awhile but when that time comes I am going to have plenty of goodies to feed em. Thank you brother for all of the input and support you have given many of us rookie bait makers on this site. I really enjoy logging on here and seeing all the wonderful creations these brothers make. Carry on brother and God bless you and yours. 



    I hear you(troubles). Just keep your nose in the wind and eveything will work out.


    I love this hobby; one can just let your mind go in all directions and no idea is silly. Even if you bugger something up you can learn from that.


    I really like messing with colors especially ones that change from one color to another.


    Last year I only got 2 fishing trips in all year due to a double hernia. Got that fixed last fall and I can't wait for this season.

    I'm interested in design my own swim baits what kind of clay would you recommend using?

    Sculpy bake clay Mr Dinkerblue. love using this stuff. The clay will get soft if you handle it to long. But when this happens stick it in the refrigerator so it can cool down. Once cooled down take it back out and continue shaping your creations. 



    Frank Thanks for getting back I been looking at your designs.the baits you make are awesome your work is very inspiring no two designs are the same wow! Few questions after clay has been carved and sanded what finish do you use to seal it spray paint? Do u use only RTV silicone only for your molds.

    Dinkerblue I primer and paint the clay hard carvings in order to get the surfaces as smooth as I can. I follow up by using RTV Silicone only. BP