4.25 Inch creature bait in the works

Hello gang I have been wanting to make a smaller creature bait so I grabbed some clay and got to work. Here is what started to come to life in my hands. I still have to work on the rear of the bait to except a jig hook but in due time he will come to life. Have a great day.


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Thanks Nova. Wait till I pull the pin on this little sucker I really think hes going to blow some fish up. After looking at the rear end of the bait. I think I might have to bulk it up a bit in order for the bait to except a jig hook. But also was thinking maybe to leave this one alone and fish it with a drop shot worm weight and hook. This new shipment of five gallons of silicone is going to go fast. It's time to start saving for the next five gallon. Have a great day.



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Dinkerblue the clay is called Sculpy bake clay you can find it at most craft stores. I also think i have purchased it at Walmart in the kid section. Little cheaper at Walmart. 



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