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The Sled



The Sled

Like the Bama/Tenn rig, I really didn't know where to put this. So I put it in the Jigs gallery. I got the idea for this after seeing Charlie's Slider Rig at Gander Mountain. I took it out today for a test in the lake. It sinks in a fairly vertical position with the tail of the grub rippling through the water as it descends. It casts well and does not tumble. when it lands it sits on the bottom like you see it on my counter top. When sliding across the bottom, it is nearly snag proof. I actually hung it up twice with about 3 hours of continuous use. both times I moved in behind it and it pulled loose easily. Weight of "The Sled" before putting on skirts and grub was .93 oz. The grub and hook point ride about 4.5 to 5 inches above the bottom. Hoping this will catch a few bass.




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