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Fatfingers Flatshads

Fatfingers Flatshads

A 6 inch and an 8 1/2 Flatshad, carved from cedar.

    Braided Line
    Feb 20 2013 10:17 AM

    I do like the purple and spots. Don`t know what a Flatshad looks like in real life so I guess the yellow circle(kind of)

      in the gill area with spots is how they look.

    A Flatshad is a bait that I developed for muskies about 6 years ago. Its designed to mimick the shad that muskies feed on. I paint it in a variety of colors. This pattern was for a customer by special request.

    I know we paint mostly for fishermen not the fish. Those things sure do catch the eye!

    Mar 10 2015 11:07 AM
    Your Lures really are an inspiration to guys like me. Every time I'm airbrushing I've got your work pulled up on my computer. Just to be honest. Thanks for sharing your work.
    Thanks, ncbassman!