Dirty Gill

Didn't come like I wanted it to but it'll work for now.

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Greatly appreciated. Didn't exactly come out according to my mental picture but then again my mental picture does get a little fuzzy sometimes. lol .............Joe

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It was a blank. I think bustinbassbaits has em and there are several on the big auction site online. About $2.50 per bait I think, had these about a year. Dives around 2"-6". When I got these I tested one to see how strongthey were so hung one up with about 20lbs of weight from the line tie. It finally gave way after 7.5hrs. That was with no paint or clear coat straight out of the pack. Should be a little stronger once cleared with d2t or etex. Had to test em just to make sure because I use em fishing for red fish around here some. Hate it when they break lures but these haven't failed yet.

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