Pattern for low light conditions/night time. Trying something different in painting the 3-d scales one at a time with a toothpick. It's a neat effect I'll be trying some more..........Joe

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Looks good. You probably don't have to worry about me trying anything like that. For one thing my hands aren't steady enough anymore and I can barely see the end of a toothpick. lol

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Got the idea watching  taxidermy video on you tube. I forget what they call it but was watching the guy doing the scale tips on a Large Mouth replica paint job. The next one I do i'm going to do all the scales kinda like a checker board pattern. I can see lots of pottential for some of the guys up here that like to do lots of Blue Gills, Small Mouth and other fish that have those hard to copy broken patterns. Thanks for the kind words Rayburn..................Joe

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