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New Experimental Glidebait

Hi , folks ,

Here is a glidebait design , that I have thought of the other day(lure in front of picture) , ...it has integrated stabilizing fins to improve the glide performance .Looks like it really swims well , ....at least the tub test looked very promising(amongst other recent homemades) , also more info provided in the video :

cheers , diemai

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Hello Diemai, nice lures. I really liked the action on that last one. Just curious, will you have to remove the lips from those two baits that you were not so happy with or can you modify them while still embedded in the lure? 


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Thanks , John , ......I've already altered the lip angle by bending the aluminium lips of the  pike, -and perch colored minnows forward carefully , but never tried for action yet , .....if not improving , the next step would be reducing lip size with shears and Dremel sanders , ...lips would remain glued into the lure blank .


The lexan lip of the small Aussie deep diver I would first mark with a permanent felt pen and narrow it's sides with a Dremel sanding drum , quite a finacky job , especially at the transitions to the finished lure body , .. turns out to look a bit strange at those transitions sometimes , but often saves a lure to be useable . Greetz , Dieter

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