Hawg Wobbler


Here is a version of a "Hawg-Wobbler"(top on picture) , pretty much satisfied with the way this topwater lure turned out .

My second one of timber so far , ....so eager to try them on pike thru the oncomíng season starting May 1st !

Quite a noisy lure , ...you may watch the tub test of this one and other recent lures in here :

Cheers , diemai

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Thanks a lot , ....by now I've tinkered on the ones , that did not swim that well , ......swimming better now ! Cheers , Dieter

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Beautiful lures Dieter. Really like the paint!!

These new acrylics give me more options compared to the old modelmaking enamels , ....and I still need to learn a lot about the possibilities of acrylic paints .

F.e . some day I want to try to dilute them with water to try to achieve a transparent color coat over embossed aluminium foil , ...wonder whether such would work out ? Thanks a lot , Vic , ...greetz , Dieter 

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