004 Tennesse shad

5 inch Reef Scraper, Tennesse shad patern

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Is that an old Bomber body, or something you made? Whatever, it looks good. When I was a little fellar, Me and my dad used to troll those things and June Bug Spinners on Norris Lake. Back then we caught to eat and we were not species specific. If memory serves me correctly, they caught everything from bass to catfish and everything in between. That has been over fifty years ago and seeing this plug brought back some good and peaceful memories.

Thanks for sharing.  John

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You are correct, me and my brother we catch a ton of bass and big ones on the smaller sizes. You can buy the regular sizes on e-bay. I made this for muskie fishing large size from 7 inches to 10 inches over all lenght including diving lip. Bombers and Hellbenders were made around 1949, long time ago and they are very hot lures. I made a Hellbender I will post it when I get it painted


Thanks for asking Gino

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