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Fatfingers 850 Flatshad

Fatfingers 850 Flatshad

-Custom eyes
-Hand-carved from cedar, measures 8 1/2 inches from nose to tail (that does not include the length of the diving lip)
-.092 stainless steel screw eyes, double glued, angled for additional strength
- EX-74 epoxy clearcoat with UV protectors, multiple coats, wet-sanded between coats
-Painted with automotive urethane HOK paints and custom mixed pearls
-Silver pearl side scaling, gold/black top scaling with faint blue pearl undertones
-Head detailing with moss green pearl, purple pearl, green/gold pearl, and candy red gill flares
-Mouth detailing; forward side fins with faint pearl highlights
-2x strong, high quality, stainless split rings with 5/0 razor sharp VMC cone cut bronze trebles

    Nicely done Vince, very nice!



    Thanks, Douglas.

    High caliber artistry!  Not sure I could let Muskies chomp on your baits...  yes I could!

    Weekend Warrior
    Mar 10 2013 10:43 AM

    Great paint job.

    Thank you, Bob and Warrior!

    That is a beautiful bait. Nicely done.



    excellent work....

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