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Threadfin shad

Threadfin shad

This is one of the first swimbaits I made using the foil photo finish. She swam very well and had a nice slow sink to her. After the 6th cast she got hung on a tree and I broke the line...she will be missed.

I learned a lot from this build.

#1. Use a better clear coat.
#2. Don't test it where there are a lot of submerged trees.
#3. Use heavier line.


    Mar 09 2013 09:07 PM

    nice Mel myself i would be striping off and going for a swim if this happened for me i hate losing gear mainly stuff I've made 

    yeah, it was painful to lose her. Don't think it didn't cross my mind, but the water was too cold. I went back later when the water level was down and someone already got it...ugh.

    I know your pain! I'm thinking of investing in a lure retriever, for just such and emergency!

    That's genius! Your crawdad is the shit!