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Jerkbait for pike and musky

Jerkbait for pike and musky

New tailed jerkbait for pikes. Action – friendly glider. Length of the body – 17 cm, length w tail – 30 cm. Sinking
rate – 0.2 m/s. Weight w Owner 2/0 – 115 gr. Interesting is the painting of belly, two paint types were used – UV paint as an tangerine spot and phosphorus paint to cover the rest of the belly. Actually, the aim is to check how UV and phosphorus colors will affect productivity of jerkbait to attract pikes along with curly tail.

    Mar 11 2013 09:52 AM

    Beautiful..very clean work on your scales how do you get the netting to stay so tightly to the lure body so you end up with such perfect scales?

    Hi. Actually, where and here have been not used any tricks to obtain these scales. However, these things should be taken into the consideration: a mesh should be enough thick (advice – avoid thin mesh); secondly, the airbrushing should be gentle, meaning – avoid the abundance of air and paint that is lead to the painting beneath the mesh and final point from these three is to use high capacity clips to keep mesh firmly on jerkbait/bait/lure. I hope this has helped you.

    Beautifully done!