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Rapala Twitchin Rap. Caught a about 2 dozen speckled trout on this one yesterday. My buddy wasn't to happy about it cause I only painted one in this color.LOL..........Joe


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Thanks BBM. Got a bunch of these old twitch raps laying around I need to get some paint on since speck season is in full swing around here. Not sure if you can see the deep scratches toward the tail of bait but what would one do to fill these in? Wood putty? They don't bother me on my pesonal lures like this one but if the boys in neighbourhood bring em to me as beat up as this one was I would like to make em smooth again. Thanks again guys.........Joe

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You can also use epoxy or even super glue to do small repairs Joe. Epoxy is a little easier to sand than super glue, but they'll both work and it keeps you from having to buy yet more supplies.


Nice job on the bait. It won't be long and your buddies will be knocking at your door when you keep wearing those specks out.

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I was using a sandable primer at one point but createx didn't stick to it very well. I have used d2t 30min for repairs before was just wondering what other options I had to choose from that set up a little faster. I get alittle impatient sometimes..lol    Thanks Rayburn.........Joe

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The 5 minute epoxy will work for repairs Joe if the 30 minute is a little slow for you. It will be covered with paint and top coat so there is no worry about it turning yellow or being completely waterproof. There are a lot of things that will work. Wood putty, bondo, etc. I just hate to have a bunch of different stuff on hand that doesn't get used all that much as it can go bad on you and that ends up being money wasted. That's just me though. The best thing to use is what you'll be comfortable with and suits your way of doing things.



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