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Spent all day painting cranks for everyone else so I figured I'd paint one for myself ...Bourbon Street Perch. Pearl blue fade to purple down the back. Chartreuse sides blended between the bars and down to the belly which is bright orange. Ripped up some masking tape for the perch patterns and sprayed them with createx pineapple then outlined with a few passes of some thinned black. Not sure if it'll catch a fish but just felt like something a little different .........Joe


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Thank you. Just got in 50 various blanks so I got lots to play with for the next couple weeks!!! Got a few more crazy ideas I want to work on.Thanks again.........Joe

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Thank you cali. I have learned a whole bunch from all the TU members that take the time to share do’s and do nots of lure painting. This place really is the best tackle building site there is. Thanks again...........Joe

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