"Different "the pattern........

This is the bait I mentioned in the hard bait forum under stencil making. Although I also use vacume formed stencils I wanted to show you can use just plane on masking tape to make stencils as well. On this particular bait I am "trying "the to go for a riveted look, kinda like an old airplane . All stencil work was done will green masking tape. On these 1.5's you use another blank and stick the tape on, press it down around the 3-d details and gently trace the gills or which ever part of the bait and trim the tape with a sharp exacto knife. Make sure you heat set your paint well or it could come up with the tape when removed.

Now I need some advice for thinning white createx paint to get it to be not so grainy. Also advice on adding a light source effect to the paint job.Any ideas??? This part of airbrushing is new to me. Thanks........Joe


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Thanks man!! Working on making a logo that will be put on the side in that big red empty spot. Still got lots of shading and adding highlights and shadows to get it how I want it to look. Don't think this will ever get wet......toooo many hours in it. Probably a display on my mantle. lol. Thanks again .......... Joe

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