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Tennessee Shad

Tennessee Shad

Painted several of these for some guys fishing Lake Gaston. It was a copy of the kvd 1.5 Tennessee Shad. The belly isn't blue it's just the reflection from my shirt on the pearl paint.......Joe

    Great looking bait.....I think i would add the blue to it...Makes it different.

    Apr 12 2013 10:01 PM
    Thanks Brent.It does have a very lite transparent greenish tint to it. The original kvd 1.5 Tennessee Shad is painted with some kinda iridescent pearl on the sides and belly and I don't have any iridescent paint so I had to improvise. Definitely going to order some of those paints this week. Hopefully the guys that wanted these will like em. If not I guess they'll be hanging up in my shop for a while.......