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Flat/Curved Bodied Glidebait

Flat/Curved Bodied Glidebait

Another recent experimental lure , ......a sinking glidebait with a slightly curved Body , causing the lure to dart downwards .
I wonder about pike's opinion , ....gotta wait until the end of local closing time May 1st !

Tight lines , diemai

    Dieter do you brush paint all your lures?

    @ Griffond


    Yes , I do , .....used to take modelmaking enamels before , but now I've switched over to acrylics , as they are much better suited for blending and mixing different tones .


    Years ago I've used rattlecans , too , but brush painting paints are cheaper and the possible color schemes are more versatile ,  also I do not mind the extra time effort of hand painting , as I really enjoy the hours down my mancave .


    Never cared too much about getting into airbrushing , ...the fish surely won't bother about the more unprofessional looks of my lures , ..I rather prefer creating different and sometimes weird lure designs over trying to achieve top notch paint jobs .


    Greetz , Dieter