RED nicklebill2

A customer wanted a lure made for his veteran friend nicknamed "RED".

There were 2 things I've never done before on this lure, so it was a learning experience.

1) I've never tried foiling a resin lure

2) I've never applied a UV clear over a different UV clear.

I applied red foil sides to one of my nickle bill cranks. Then I solarez a couple coats to smooth the foil-to-resin transition points. I then polished the Solarez using my dremel and some Meguires polish. Even with polishing, the solarez didn't provide that glossy epoxy look.

A couple strips of white base (top and bottom) were applied, followed by a red belly and top. A dab of orange was applied to the face along with a black scale pattern down the back. I lastly painted my pattern and shot a layer of clear gloss (and dabbed some red sparkle on the top and bottom).

I clear coated using the Headlight Restorer stuff (3 coats). The finish came out clear as glass with no evidence that there was a layer of Solarez underneath.

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