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Jerkbait for musky and pike

Jerkbait for musky and pike

The pike is acting as glider. To force the jerkbait to glide, it is enough small rod's tap, and this is on hand because enough tiny power to move jerkbait that means saving angler's energy while fishing is all-day activity. As well, this jerkbait has "belly shaking" feature than sinking and sinking rate is 0,25 m/s. Weight - 115 gr. Lenght - 19 cm. The paint is fancy meaning that the patter depends on the view angle. And UV paint has been used to create attraction for pike and musky in the murky water.

    I like it. Super clean work. Making a good glider for musky an pike is not easy.

    Thanks for looking and comment. I sincerely appreciate. Ed