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Afternoon delight!!

Afternoon delight!!

Finally made to river today for some "testing". Caught about a dozen LM Bass and some nice Stripers on my Bourbon Street Perch pattern 1.5 today. As good as they bit this one today I'm gonna have to paint a few more like it real soon. This was the biggest of the day, 10lbs+ I'm guessing. She was FULL of roe. Released alive and and well to have all them babies...........Joe

    Way to go Joe. Congrats.

    May 05 2013 06:17 AM
    Thanks RG. It was a lot of fun yesterday. I don't fish in the fresh stuff very much but it was just to windy to go looking for specks and reds so we went to couple spots I fished growing right here by my house. Brought back a bunch good memories and we caught some nice fish. Can't beat it!!......Joe