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Custom Hot Rod Bandit 200 Crankbait

hotrod custom crankbait painted novelty epoxy bandit

Custom Hot Rod Bandit 200 Crankbait

Here is a HotRod crankbait I made last summer. The body is a bandit 200 that was chipped up really bad. I lightly sanded, primed it white, then shot it with krylon plasticoat black. The flames were made from duct tape that had flames on it. I took a blade and cut out two of the flames and taped them to the body. I think it turned out really neat after epoxy coating and drying on the dry wheel.

Let me know what you think of Little Hot Rod

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    Braided Line
    May 13 2013 11:23 AM


    Very fun and creative yet it has a good contrast and should still attract fish!