Royal Grape RC 2.5 clone

Here is a crankbait I made last night for a friend. I call it Royal Grape. Its an RC 2.5 clone blank, primered white with Krylon plasticote, bottom is yellow creatix airbrush paint, the purple color is walmart 99 cent bottle acrylic diluted 50/50 with water until consistency of milk, with 2 drops of black creatix, and 2 drops of acrylic cobalt blue. the gill markings are red sharpie marker, and the kill dot is black sharpie marker and I used a metal washer as a template for the dot. The epoxy is locktite 5min epoxy, dliluted with a bit of irubbing alcohol and blue/purple/silver and a tad of yellow glitter mixed into it and put on the dry wheel over night. Its hard to see the silver glitter as I didnt put much in the mix, and it blends into the white. you can see a little bit of the yellow glitter along the back spine. I forgot to take the tape off the bill before i snapped the picture.

I'm new to airbrushing and painting cranks, please tell me what you think of this one..

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