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Citrus Shad

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Haven't posted anything in a while so here's one of the deep divers I build painted in the citrus shad pattern. Createx, Auto Air and Dupli-Color Chrome paints with Bob Smith epoxy clear coat. The Dupli-Color chrome paint has solvents in it so epoxy top coat was the safest way to go. Thanks for looking.

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Thanks guys. That color pattern was hot at Falcon for the biggest part of last year. Unfortunately I painted this one after I got back so I haven't got to try it out yet as we have been fishing a lot shallower water than that one was made for.


I've been using the Bob Smith 30 minute slow cure going on 2 years now and I like it much better than D2T. The bubbles from mixing seem to dissipate better and it seems to have a little longer working time than D2T. And then again it could just be my imagination, but it works for me.

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