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Here is another Royal Grape, Made from a DT10 clone body. This one has no gill markings or kill dot. The top is Royal Grape color ( mixed with purple, black and cobalt blue), yellow belly and a pink throat. There are silver holgraphic ( changing color ), blue and a tad of yellow glitter mixed into the epoxy. I took this to work to show my fishing friends and a few guys wanted to buy it from me. This one is being sent to my buddy in TN.


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This is being sent to Troul Hawk in TN( a member on this forum ) as a gift.  He is good friend of mine.  Couldnt ask for a nicer guy.

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Before I sent this to Troul Hawk, I added a dulled down red gill marking on the clear coat.  I think it turned out great.    Here is a video of it, in his pool shot underwater.  

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