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Jerkbaits for pike

Jerkbaits for pike

These wooden jerkbaits are painted to obtain high contrast in the water, Then jerkbait is moving, it has blurred colors, but then it stops, it shows highly contrasted paint. UV paint is used to create more attractive look especially in the murky waters. As well, these Jerkbaits follow each order of an angler. Than smoothly jerked, they glide from left to right. Then reeled, produce wide sinusoid. Then reeled-stop technique is used, they glide. To create more chaotic action, simply twitch. Than jerkbaits are sinking, they are shaking belly. The physical description: length - 17 cm, weight w Owner 2/0 - 115 gr., sinking rate - 0.25m/s

    May 29 2013 07:23 PM
    I am Edward Van Halen and I approve these lures!!
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    Thank you indeed. I do appreciate, even want to jump while singing "Jump"!!!