5IN Club O

First test shots. I need to make a bigger injector again. My 9.9 oz barely fills it if its perfectly full with no air bubbles. (second shot with warm injector was better) My twinjector didn't quite fill it, but I got a few good baits out of each shot with it. I think if I was shooting a full cup of plastic, preheated the injectors, and did everythign jsut right I could just barely fill the mold with my twinjector. I guess I need to make a clamp and cross bar for my 9.9s so I can use them with my twinjector manifold. Still not to bad. I have not decided if this will be the final version of this mold or not. The bait is actuqally fatter than I visualized when doing deisgn, and while it does have ridges its is much smoother than I planned.


© May 2013


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