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First test shots. I need to make a bigger injector again. My 9.9 oz barely fills it if its perfectly full with no air bubbles. (second shot with warm injector was better) My twinjector didn't quite fill it, but I got a few good baits out of each shot with it. I think if I was shooting a full cup of plastic, preheated the injectors, and did everythign jsut right I could just barely fill the mold with my twinjector. I guess I need to make a clamp and cross bar for my 9.9s so I can use them with my twinjector manifold. Still not to bad. I have not decided if this will be the final version of this mold or not. The bait is actuqally fatter than I visualized when doing deisgn, and while it does have ridges its is much smoother than I planned.


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When Texas rigged these kick the tail and swim forward on a slack line.  I have not noticed when wacky rigged, because I just do not recall wacky rigging them.   I've also had some luck using these as a fast swimbait on a lightly weighted hook.  No kidding.  Some very violent strikes.  They are good as a twitch bait over grass.  I think the reason is the heavier (salt and MF soft sinking) makes more impact and vibration through the plant when it falls down and hits the grass.  Before I went over to molds only I used to sell these baits, but I have never sold a mold for them.  I've been working on a more efficient program for them off and on, but I just never seem to get around to finishing it.  Maybe because I secretly don't want anybody else to have them.  LOL.  I make these in 4+" and 5".  I also made a tail mold for the 5".  I've caught good fish on both sizes.    




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I completely understand why the design is a keeper!  When a lure gets slammed on different outings and in different waters, it's creation is  the most satisfying feeling  after discovering  a unique design no one has come close to selling. Most sticks sold are pretty much like every other. Your's I bet not.

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1 hour ago, mark poulson said:

Bob, since you have a tail mold, have you tried pouring chartreuse tails, with some of the Glonation green/white powder mixed in?


I've never used any glow powder, but I have two tail colors I make usually in this bait.  Chartreuse (when I see lots of small gills in the grass) and black.  You may be surprised, but I throw black tails more than chartreuse tails.  Not gonna tell you why, but I bet you can figure it out. 

Unless the glow powder does something to make the plastic hard to remelt there is no reason it would not work.  The tail mold is designed with a tapered cone and a round knob at the front so the body plastic completely surrounds it and it interlocks so you get a good fusion as well as a mechanical bond. 

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