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Strike King custom shop flat shad.

Strike King custom shop flat shad.

Stripped down to the balsa wood sanded it smooth then coated with etex. Painted the pattern over the clear which allows the wood grain to show through. Got the idea from the Rapal BX Minnow. Not finished yet I'm trying to make a tail stencil for the nose of the bait. Any ideas i can't get it just the way I want it.Thanks...........Joe

    Thats nice.. I need to learn to do that half circle pattern.

    Jun 05 2013 09:41 PM
    Thanks. It's not that difficult. Just cut out a stencil in the desired shape for the for the half circle part of the shell. Spray down the cut line of the stencil using the over spray to paint the line. Then I use a small flexible ruler and line the edge of the ruler up with the joint of the bottom shell pattern and rap it around the top of the lure. Using the same over spray technique shade in the lines from the side up over the back and down to the other side. Hope that helps some. If you need some more info feel free to ask. Thanks again. .........Joe