7 5 2013 Crankbait

This started as a white bass pro shops bargain bin "tournament special". I primed it white, custom mix chartruese on the sides, a little pearl white on the top with a light blue spine and scale pattern. Yellow belly and pink throat. I used a red sharpie for the gill blood streaks and the dotted eyes and a black sharpie for the diamond kill dot. I used harbor freight 5 min epoxy diluted with rubbing alcohol and a tad of blue glitter mixed with it. Cured on the drywheel for 9 hours. I'm getting better and better... Whatcha think?


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Looks good Cyberflexx. You did a good job on the "fades" where the paint transitions from one color to another.


If I were you I'd make sure the 5 minute epoxy your using for a top coat is waterproof and not water resistant. I'm not familiar with the Harbor Freight epoxy, but all the 5 minute epoxies I'm aware of aren't "waterproof". You might also check to see if it is UV resistant. I'm thinking that most of the 5 minute epoxies aren't. It would suck to have a good paint job ruined by the epoxy going bad or turning yellow.



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Thanks Ray.. I'm new to painting and not an artist by no means.  I think the diluted epoxy on my walmart acrylic paints help with the fading.  Thanks for the tip!..  I'll have to check on that epoxy before I paint anymore.  This was the only one that I have done with the HF epoxy, the others were Lock-tite brand from Walmart.

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This epoxy held up really well after an hour of fishing on saturday.  No tacky feel, no wearing off, no yellowing yet, says it dries clear.

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