Rapala Twitchin Rap

Got several of these to paint for my buddies. I think the Speckled Trout round here are gonna whack this one...........Joe


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Thanks Ben. I sure hope they do. Got a tournament Saturday morning if this tropical storm will blow through NC as fast as they say it will. Getting ready to start building some twitch baits like these Raps cause a little birdy told me they're going to discontinue them. Me and my buddy got around 300 stockpiled to hold us for a good while but now would be a good time start building my own. Maybe one day I'll have your building skills..........Joe

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Hey Joe,


I'll help you with your building skills and you can help me with my painting skills. (or lack thereof)  lol  I've come to realize that I'll never be an airbrush artist, but have always been fairly good working with my hands. Guess that's why I get such a kick out of building these things.



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Nice baits Joe!

I can send you some pics of split balsa/ wire form construction. Uses newspaper and wood glue to hold the halves together while whittling. Split the bait with an Xacto and add wire form and ballast.

Twitchin Raps are money baits. Hard to believe they would stop making them.

As usual, youre paint jobs are money, too.

Be happy to send you some pics of this technique.


Been slow fishing this summer, on the ER.

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