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More pics:

    Braided Line
    Jun 14 2013 07:14 AM

    I`ll give you this..............it`s different!

    Definitely interesting. I'm curious as to what type of action it has?

    I'll make a video

    Action video:

    I've tried to get the video to play several different times. Both here and at YouTube. It's not working for me. Anyone else having trouble with it?

    It works for me now, in Firefox....

    There so:


     Thanks Abrakis. The direct link worked and I like that the lure can be worked as a top water popper or as a shallow running crank depending on how you retrieve it. You have a lot of great looking lures on your web page. Nice work.



    Thanks Ben !

    ....very cool lure this is , ......I had utilized the same principle on some prototypes years ago , .....but yours  pops and  swims a lot better , I reckon !


    Welldone , ....greetz , diemai

    Thank diemai