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Doombringer 1.0



Marko Aalto

Doombringer 1.0

Doombringer 1.0 bait made by Gustav Germann( www.gugerart.com) a gift to me and my brother Marko. 120 gram of pure horror and with a great action.
What do you think?

With best regards Jari Aalto Jaraal Original Aalto Brothers

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    Wow!! The person that carved that is a magician with a carving knife. Very impressive.

    I'm not a big skull guy but that is truly awesome. Kind of reminds me of those old mummified Ripleys Believe it or Not mermaid things.


    Braided Line
    Jul 13 2013 07:50 AM

    Now that is off the wall!


     Looks like it`s been carved by a school of  piranha.

    Haha! True!



    I think that any fish that saw this would roll over and die. Then you could just wait a couple of minutes and pick it up when it floated to the surface.  Awesome Job!!


    Jul 15 2013 03:06 PM
    If the guys from Slipknot fished this would be their lure of choice! That's just cool man!!.....Joe
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    wow... wtf is that?!  It's awesome and terrifying all in one!  

    mark poulson
    Jul 16 2013 07:23 PM

    Kind of like a lure for fish on a diet!

    Really nice carving.